Mi India pampers ‘your Salon at Home’ campaign


Mi India is extremely happy to announce to you their ‘Salon at Home’  campaign, as our Mi Beard Trimmers are the perfect companions of all men. This campaign glorifies the different perspectives of Mi Beard Trimmers, and how they are made for every kind of ‘Guy’ out there. Therefore, a person who loves to appear good and cute can use Mi Beard Trimmers.

 This campaign provokes men to be their stylists by having their right technique. The ‘Your Salon at Home ‘campaign for Mi Beard persuades personal grooming and glowing, as similar to the salons. This will be very helpful, as the hairdressers have halted their salons in this unprecedented time.

This immediate lockdown due to Covid-19 has fretted us. Most men are perplexed than before, and couldn’t figure out, what they could do with their long beards. This ‘Your Salon at Home’ is exclusively for such kinds of men. This salon is a better option during this crisis, as we could social distancing, which is part of our hygiene.

 Even though, there was much gossips and troubles among people regarding this. Their frequent online meeting had intrigued and boiled us. Mi India has broadcasted a music video on their digital channels, describing the various scenarios. Through that video, they have briefed us, how to attend client meetings to e-dates.

This campaign glorifies the various applications of this Mi Beard, and also spoke about the specialties and their uniqueness. Ironically, This Mi Beard Trimmer is no less than the deft hands of a hairdresser and is made for every kind of style. This trimmer can be used for every kind of person including teenagers. Its appearance will attract more users and will help youth to look handsome before their girlfriends. Thereafter, youth don’t need to hide their faces and shun away from the public.

This Mi Beard Trimmer is especially for youth. Now onwards, they could walk with courage and without any insecurity fears. I could assure you that men will adore, and will keep this in their closet. Mi Beard Trimmer is now available on mi.com, Flipkart, and Amazon, only at the price of Rs 899 from May 7 onwards.

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