#MitheSeShuruwat at JLF London with Haldiram’s


JLF London at the British Library hosted #MitheSeShuruwat,  With Haldiram’s in 2022.  For the eagerly anticipated 9th edition of the Jaipur Literature Festival in London at the British Library, Haldiram’s teamed up with Teamwork Arts, the producer of the venerable Jaipur Literature Festival, and the foreign expansions of JLF.

MitheSeShuruwat and the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) will, through their partnership, pay respect to the time-honored Indian practise of beginning festive occasions with an assortment of sweets and other delectable foods. As a direct result of this partnership, one of our primary objectives is to produce an innovative synthesis of the literary and culinary traditions of India.

As part of the celebration of inclusion and community that will take place at the British Library as a part of the JLF London, a caravan of authors and philosophers, poets, balladeers, and raconteurs will bring South Asia’s distinct multilingual literary past to life.

Based on the cooperation, JLF, London, and Haldiram are “extremely pleased” to have a partnership, according to Pankaj Aggarwal, Haldiram’s Managing Director. Our goal is to reach out to our Indian customers, as well as those in other countries, as we continue our global expansion. Because we at Halidram’s value both quality and innovation, we provide a wide choice of high-quality items to meet the diverse demands of our customers. All these people and more are among the people we want to serve with our goods in the future. I wish the JLF crew the best of luck in their next event.”

Teamwork Arts President Preeta Singh expressed her excitement about the arrangement, saying, “We are happy to have Haldiram’s as our partner in presenting the much anticipated 9th edition of JLF London at the British Library. We hope that Haldiram’s will allow us to convey the value of literature and achieve our aim to present the finest of the literary world to our audience,” we say. Over the course of the past ten years, the Jaipur Literature Festival in India has welcomed over one million avid readers and hosted over five thousand authors, artists, and other cultural figures who have been invited to give presentations there. This year, the Jewish Literature Festival will extend its core principles to the United Kingdom by taking place in the British Library in London.

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