Mobile Phone tops the customer’s wishlist, says Times Group


India is a cross-cultural country, and we are pleased with our heritage. Our festivals are an important element of our culture. These festivals bind us together and reaffirm our feeling of belonging to a larger community. For millions of Indian buyers, festival shopping is a big deal.

The festival season is when individuals intend to spend more money. With fewer COVID-19 cases and more vaccines, the country is in a better mood to rejoice. Consumers in India are geared up to celebrate the festive season, preparing new purchases amid shopping discounts, after a challenging year dealing with the pandemic.

Festival sales are the latest craze in India, and they’re helping to drive up online purchases. To win people’s hearts, brands release new offers and campaigns. All marketing shops make use of the festival season to advertise their products, whether they are new or stock clearance items with steep discounts or other special offers. In India, the main shopping festival takes place in the months of October and November.

In the year, The Times Group decided to do things a little differently by asking their readers what’s on their wishlist!. “Times Wishlist” is another campaign that also served as research, providing insight into consumer purchase intent. Thousands of people participated, and the results are shown here.

Mobile phones, televisions, and furniture are the top three categories in which consumers want to buy or upgrade, followed by refrigerators, air conditioning units, cars, mattresses, homes, house painting, and bathroom fittings. This survey provides information to brands in the above-mentioned categories about consumer purchase intent. Because there is a massive audience waiting for these brands, it is now up to them to be visible and make the appropriate offers.

While the ability to research and shop online has been available for some time, mobile apps have pushed eCommerce to greater levels by letting customers use their device at any time and receive same-day delivery. Consumers, on the other hand, have shifted their shopping habits from essentials to aspirational purchases.

As we move closer to the new normal, the advent of digital payment options such as microcredit and pay later platforms could also provide promise for increased sales during the festive season and beyond

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