Mozilla Firefox in the new style introduces large floating tabs


Firefox browser, popularly known as Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox, has been redesigned with major changes in the tabs. The appearance of the tabs has been completely made new. The tabs appear to be bigger now and are noticeably visible on the screen. In contrast, to Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari, the tab currently working by the user will slide the top of the toolbar above the browser.

Mozilla stated that the large tabs were introduced to provide more information such as the name of the video playing or to say that Zoom is open. More than half of the users will open around 4 tabs or more at a time. The company redesigned it to float clearly and added an option to block auto-play videos if not using it.

The company said that it has introduced floating and detached tabs from the toolbar so that the users can move, rearrange or get out tabs into new windows without distracting the workflow of the user. This is in a way similar to what already exists in chrome, i.e., allowing users to create new windows, arrange them in a sequence, or adding to another open window without pulling them out. Firefox has introduced these changes to adapt to chrome features with a different design.

Firefox has made the settings menu tidy and well-arranged similar to Chrome’s book. The new Firefox focuses on aesthetically pleasing in appearance. It has redesigned Google Meet to look nice and professional. Firefox has neatly rearranged its toolbar placing only essential icons such as address book refresh, forward, back, reading mode, bookmark and settings. The browser has also redesigned its appearance and arrangement of its app on iOS devices.

Mozilla has rediscovered its appearance after Microsoft declared that it is going to end its support to Internet Explorer, the least preferred browser by users. The government of India has banned gone and UC browser due to its Chinese association, hence Mozilla has realized the importance to perform at its best to survive in the tough competition.

Mozilla has upgraded its features to provide a better experience to customers so that it will remain relevant in the industry with competitors like Chrome and Safari.

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