NABL accredits Connectel’s Forensic Division.


Connectel, the Indian compliance-driven forensic investigation services organization specializing in digital forensics, document examination, and crime scene investigations, is the first and only laboratory in the country to acquire accreditation with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standards in testing by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), a constituent board of Quality Council of India.

Connectel’s Forensic Division is currently accredited to conduct forensic testing on digital and physical documents, handwriting, signatures, translations, transcriptions, and crime scene investigations. Future expansion plans include DNA testing, serology, toxicology, ballistics, and chemicals to make it a complete holistic lab capable of handling all types of forensic investigations.

Jens and Robin Leijon, two brothers from Uppsala, founded Connectel in 2008. Although it may sound cliche, the journey began in a garage, to elevate the entire customer service professionals to new heights by providing solutions that meet all needs. A platform for customer service that benefits both the customer and the company.

“We know all too well the anguish of a bad customer service experience, which is why we created Connectel.”

Entrepreneur Priyanka Agrawal, who has over 25 years of work experience, is at the helm of Connectel. Connectel is led by Priyanka Agrawal and Rajendra Kumar Agrawal and prides itself on values such as quality, credibility, impartiality, and fixed timelines for releasing test reports.

 “We are pleased to have assisted our clients most securely and privately possible.” We have plans to expand our operations to more areas within forensics to make it a holistic operation involving all aspects of the investigation, with fast response and test report times as our USP” says Priyanka Agrawal, Director, Connectel, who holds an MBA and LLB degree and plans to begin research for her Ph.D. in Criminology soon.

Connectel’s forensic team, which is dominated by female forensic experts, specializes in digital forensics, handwriting examination, signature examination, photograph verification, fingerprint examination, and questioned documents examination on legal documents, as well as translation and examination of counterfeit currency.

Data recovery, malware analysis, CDR analysis, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, forensics in mobile, computer, and CCTV, and audio/video verification are all covered under digital forensics. Connectel also offers crime scene reconstruction, photography, and evidence collection and packaging.

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