Nexstar and Dish Network Join Hands to Resolve Carriage Conflicts


Dish Network Corporation and Nexstar media group negotiate and enter into a multi-year distribution agreement to resolve the carriage conflicts. The conflict has ripped the services off to more than 164 Nexstar stations and cable network WGN America for more than 3 weeks.

The deal was made public in a press release statement by the Nexstar group “We regret the inconvenience caused to the customers and looking forward to providing the leading network and local programming services”.

The financials of this mutual agreement stood undisclosed by either party. The agreement caters to restore the Nexstar station signals in 120 markets and 42 states to the Dish network ever since the services went dark on Dec 2. WGN America is returned back to the satellite provider Dish. The network is looking forward to launching the Dish internet-delivered bundle, Sling TV by early 2021.

Around 5 million Dish subscribers of half of its customer base were affected due to this conflict. At a time when highly rated games like NFL and college football were aired. Ever since Dish shifted from pay-TV to wireless, their negotiations are on the tough side. Dish has a long-term conflict with HBO and Bally’s sports network too.

WGN America primarily known for high-end scripted dramas is now debuting as News Nation in August.

Nexstar media group has attained 250 distribution agreements and aiming at a projection of 99% footprint by 2022. Nexstar had a single radio station when started 20 years back which grew like a giant as a No-1 station owner. With recent control of WGN America, Nexstar will cater its services to around 75 million households.

After a 23-day blackout at last Nexstar, Tv stations return to Dish network line up on Christmas. Here on customer services would be uninterrupted by this mutual nod to provide services.


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