5Star’s AI-driven Campaign


Cadbury 5Star the iconic brand of Mondelez India is back again with yet another bizarre campaign that brings together the perfect combination of indulgence and technology while displaying the brands prevailing ‘Do Nothing’ proposition. The brand is going one step ahead by introducing the ‘5Star Do Nothing Assistant’, in partnership with Google and conceptualized by Ogilvy. Most mobile assistants help you to become more productive whereas the 5Star Do Nothing mode is the first-ever AI on every android device with Google Assistant that gives you more perspective and does the exact opposite i.e., it helps you do nothing. The only need to do is by just saying “Ok Google, eat a 5Star” to get your Google Assistant to relax, lean back, and motivate you to do nothing as well. The AI contains hundreds of built-in responses and it is trained in such a way to respond to any questions you might have with a forward response that makes you rethink your plans and wonder if you are better off by just doing nothing.

The Senior Director of Marketing (Chocolates), Insights and Analytics of Mondelez India, Mr. Anil Viswanathan said that “Cadbury 5Star has always been at the heart of our nation’s youth culture through its ingenious campaigns and eccentric portrayal weaved into a relatable outline. He said that they are taking this a step ahead with their latest association with the Google Assistant to create a chocolaty and humorous experience for our target audience, build up their consumer connect and further cultivate the message of the brand. He also adds that with the ‘Do Nothing’ campaign, their focus has been to initiate some light-hearted relief in important times and repeat the most important message of today to relax and take a break. This campaign is evidence of the 5Star’s brand persona of being quirky & witty which perfectly echoes with Gen Z who are increasingly prone towards all things tech.

The Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy India Mr. Sukesh Nayak said that Today’s digitally native youth are always hungry to pack more into their day and AI assistants help them multitask and do more but at certain times, it’s also good to just chill. So, we helped people understand how to enter into the ‘Do Nothing Mode’ and then Google Assistant will help you enjoy doing nothing.  Answers to most frequently asked questions are set in this mode. The introduction of the campaign will be backed up by a 360-degree communication approach, designed to cheer up the youth to get an immediate experience of the latest feature at the back of digital films, social media, radio, and influencer-led activations.


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