Next to God, thy Parents, BYJU’S Launched digital campaign AD for Parents


No doubt, parents play the most imperative role in our lives, and National Parents Day honours them every fourth Sunday in July each year. This is an opportunity for children to express love and thanking them for their hard work.  This occasion is used by many brands with narratives of gratitude and appreciation.

The company took this opportunity and managed to highlight almost every moment in which our mother and father contribute to our success. BYJU’S, India’s largest EdTech company launched a new digital campaign ad titled #HONOUR THE SACRIFICES. The ad focused on how parents become learning partners when their children love when they learn.

The film includes four beautiful stories.  It shows how our parents have always had their children’s backs and never shied away from providing them with any necessary support to achieve our goals. It takes us through a journey of memories to remind us about all the sacrifices made by our parents.

Parents always sacrifice their wishes for us to make our bright future and success. # HONOUR THEIR SACRIFICES ‘is a tribute to all parents According to American Psychiatrist Karl Menninger says that “What done to children, they will do to society.” Parents play important role in encouraging and motivating their kids to learn. It helps to child’s to be positive and healthy life forever.   They are our ultimate heroes in our lives.

 The video shows how a mother prioritizes her child’s needs over hers, even for smaller things, like purchasing a better uniform, over a new saree and how a father keeps postponing his plan to buy a new scooter to save money for his son’s dream of becoming a cricketer.  Several moments between children and parents, who sacrifice things, both big and small, so that their kids can perform their tasks and achieve their goals more comfortably.

The advertisement holds together the audience with the love and warmth of a beautiful parent-child relationship. The parents have an important role in the development of a child’s life.   and shows selfless commitment and lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing the relationship with their children. They always encouraging them to follow their passion.

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