Notebook, the Kolkata based EdTech Startup, exceeds 2 million users


Notebook is an EdTech Startup that provides educational audio-visual content to students. It is one of India‘s fastest-growing digital learning platforms, with almost 23 lakh+ paid users.

Notebook, headquartered in Kolkata, is a mobile-first product learning platform founded by Achin Bhattacharyya, Subhayu Roy, and Abhishek Dutta in 2018.

Notebook does not limit its resources just to the students from the CBSE board but makes them available to students from U.P. and W.B. boards.

When other EdTech firms concentrate exclusively on subjects like Mathematics and Science, Notebook moves on a different path incorporating an innovative and lucid bilingual approach in teaching English for the West Bengal board.

Notebook has created a total of 1000 videos in its public domain. It covers every topic, subtopics of the subjects in the Board curricula.

Notebook was instrumental in conducting marquee events in schools like ‘Zero hour international inter-school debate’ in 2020. In 2021, with IIM Calcutta Innovation Park, it conducted the ‘Ignite Inter-school Innovation Challenge.’

USP of Notebook is its content and pricing strategy. It has designed an innovative way of teaching that makes use of augmented storytelling techniques. It welcomes the students to visualize along with video content.

Another advantage of Notebook is its bitrate adaptive play-out. This quality ensures zero-buffer streaming even for students from low bandwidth connectivity areas, especially outside the urban centers.

Another merit of Notebook is that it acts as an effective study material not just to students from marquee schools. It is very resourceful and productive for the students from Tier –II and Tier-III towns.

These factors became instrumental in choosing Notebook as the preferred EdTech platform for brands like Paytm, BSNL, Build-a-class, Aflatoun International (Netherlands HQ-ed NGO), etc.

Notebook works with a mission to develop its content by combining advanced technology. It wants to devise an AI-driven assessment portal and ‘Click-to-Play’ – an Augmented Reality. Another plan is to set up an on-ground Cashpoint –network in rural areas that assures phygital access.

Achin Bhattacharyya, Founder & CEO of Notebook, commented with delight about the growth of the EdTech startup. He says that the growth of the company is completely organic.

The future projects of Notebook are as follows – Firstly, it visions to create content in ten vernacular languages. Secondly, it provides educational aid for dyslexic and visually challenged students. Thirdly, it cements the gap in the school education system of different boards.

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