Panasonic declares launch of #MeetTheFuture campaign


To guarantee a more secure and a better way of life amidst this pandemic, Panasonic India in relationship with Wunderman Thompson announced its 360° campaign – #MeetTheFuture. The umbrella marketing campaign of Panasonic has been intended for a wide scope of smart ACs including the recently launched Panasonic’s nanoe™X Air Conditioners. #MeetTheFuture is presently live across electronic, digital stages, social media channels, and OOH.

The campaign aims Panasonic’s new scope of Air Conditioners (ACs) under the HU series enabled with recently announced nanoe™X innovation. nanoe™X innovation releases hydroxyl radicals contained in water. Hydroxyl radicals also called “nature’s detergent” that are equipped for inhibiting bacteria and viruses, including 99.99% of the followed novel Covid (SARS-CoV-2).

Panasonic has effectively tested the nanoe™X device as just as nanoe™X ACs for the inhibitory effect on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) at Texcell Laboratory, France which is a of the Pasteur Institute of Paris made in 1997.

Shirish Agarwal, Head-Brand and Marketing Communications, Panasonic India, said “A protected and healthier environment is the basic necessity of the present consumer. Remembering that #MeetTheFuture campaign have been designed to highlight the value of our ACs, i.e., Health, Comfort, Design, and Durability. I accept there’s a Buaji alive in every one of us and, the campaignn features those basic cut-of-life that are relatable to all.”

Delight Chauhan – SVP and Managing Partner, Wunderman Thompson, Delhi, said “The global COVID crisis has overwhelmed headlines, and brought back everybody’s attention regarding individual health and cleanliness. Customers are effectively looking for items and arrangements that can help them stay ensured. As individuals spend more time in their homes, Panasonic has been dealing with cutting edge technology to customer goods, that intends to transform homes into comfortable sanctuaries, allowing consumers to sense security, protected and healthy.

This is truly the pinnacle of improvement in consumer goods tech and Wunderman Thompson is proud to partner the growth of brand Panasonic with communication solutions for a new market of young, smart customers.”


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