Eureka Forbes reworks its visual identity


Eureka Forbes, the customer durables organization, has gone through a visual character upgrade exercise. It incorporated an refreshed identity for its lead water purifier brand Aquaguard. The brand expects to speak to trendy families with this activity.

The brand rehaul included different groups from Eureka Forbes, Aquaguard, and other organization partners. Bombay Design Center assumed the part in the two brands’ plan venture.

For Aquaguard, the middle conceptualized a logo with a concealed significance using an altered typeface that creatively implants the droplet into the brand name. Eureka Forbes’ motivation for the new character is the quest for thriving in testing times and leaving behind footprints of positive change. This soul has brought about an image, which is the blend of ‘positive’ and ‘image’. ‘Posibol’ is a symbol of moving ahead and upward with the attention on being prepared for tomorrow.

Shashank Sinha, Chief Transformation official, Eureka Forbes, said, “The new brand character expected to draw out our progress which fits in the modern context. Bombay Design Center got this and created a identity that mirrors the modern consumer’s way of lifestyle perfectly.”

Sameer Wanchoo, Chief Marketing official, Eureka Forbes, said, “We were seeing Eureka Forbes’ and Aquaguard’s new visual ways of life as an approach to impart the technological headways of our items have brought to the modern customer. Aquaguard has gone from solidarity to strength over every decade, and the character expected to mirror this normal movement.”

Ankur Rander, CEO, Bombay Design Center, said, “Our work gives the brand an exceptional identity, yet holds all that is natural about it as the years progressed. We needed to mix freshness into the brand’s picture without losing the substance of its legacy. Eureka Forbes and Aquaguard are continually developing, and we accept we have depicted this advancement effectively.”


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