Pee Safe join along with Gillette Venus and Veet space introduces FURR


One of India’s leading Gurugram based personal hygiene brand Pee Safe had recently entered into the female grooming sector where they have launches razors and hair removal creams. First, they started by launching the toilet sanitizer spray, here it was the Domina, a female condom brand and now it’s the Furr who is introduced as their sub-brand.

Vikas Bagaria, the founder of Pee Safe seems to be on a mission that has come to initiate and normalize the discussions among normal people about personal care and also about sexual area hygiene.

Furr is a female grooming brand that would initially supply their customers with razors and hair removal creams with a different catch. Rather than promoting smooth and shiny hairless skin, this brand promotes their products in an entirely different way that is to leave the choice of selection of products to their customers. They have also introduced a tagline which goes as ‘Let your Furr go or grow!’

The range of Furr’s products ranges from a face razor at Rs599, a trimming razor at Rs149, a body shaving razor at Rs279, and a hair removal cream at Rs.249. As per the brands plan, they will launch more number new products within the next three to six weeks. According to the brand’s advertising practice, they do not include celebrities in their ads.

Bagaria also shared that “we are a team consisting of 500 employees in which more than 50% in women. Here we had done the research and as per it, the woman responded as ‘we can go out with our partners without shaving our legs, armpit and hands. They are okay with it and that is how it should be’.”

The razors are chromium plated with PTEE coated ones, with an anti-slip grip in them. These blades are manufactured in Japan and the body is manufactured in Vietnam.

Pee Safe is an Omnichannel brand with its presence in more than 90 cities in 900 stores across the country. Today’s 60% sale happens through online portals at Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa etc. this brand current sells different products like menstrual cups, face scrub, tampons etc. In February 2021, the brand opened its first store in Ahmedabad and later converted it into a franchise owned franchise operated model.

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