Pocket Aces Introduces New Sales Model


Many brands have taken merchandising and D2C businesses in recent times to strengthen their track record.

Audience appeal, Pocket Aces, has also entered D2C products by launching its commercials for its popular ‘Little Things’, and now with their ‘Clutch’ sports drama.

The Clutch merchandise model is different, where the original jerseys were worn by the actors during the show sold by the audience. Pocket Aces doubles this number, and all proceeds go to an organization called Leadership Empowerment through its “Just Kick” program.

‘Clutch’ gained a lot of love and appreciation from the fans, surpassing over 25 million views. Promoting the game’s popularity for good reason, Dice Media sells auctions worn by the main characters in the series.

Vishal Vashishtha, Ahsaas Channa, Saurabh Ghadge, Pratiek Pachori, and Tirth Joisher automatically wrote their jerseys, which fans can find with this donation on Dice Media’s Instagram handle ‘@dicemediaindia’.

The auction, which began on November 19, raised INR 30,000 in the audience in just 5 days. Pocket Aces will double that amount and donate INR 60,000 to a charity. What makes this auction even more exciting is the selection of charities that have been selected to share the profits.

The ‘Just For Kicks’ program by doing Leadership has attracted 3600+ students across India, Battambang, Cambodia.

With the slogan ‘Everybody’s Playing’, Just For Kicks works in schools to help children reap the many benefits of leadership development using football as a hobby.

Ravi Sonnad, Founder and CEO, Authorized Leadership, shared: “We are very happy to have the support of Pocket Aces. Every child we work with is equipped with the training tools needed to grow them into future leaders through a strong team sports approach. We look forward to opportunities like these that enhance our vision of building a better and more prosperous future for all our children. “

Clutch presenter and CEO, Co-Founder of Pocket Aces, Aditi Shrivastava is pleased to share, “Marriage between IP entertainment (whether movies or shows) and sales is well developed worldwide, but is still growing in India.

We are trying to launch this here to give our audience high-quality reminders of their favorite shows and characters. We try different sales models for our famous shows like Little Things and Clutch, and we are thrilled to see the amazing acceptance of it.

The auction-for-charity model we took with Clutch is very close to my heart – sports as a sector are funded by India, and since Clutch is a sports drama, the Just For Kicks program was a great way to bring it back. ”

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