Hyundai’s ‘Great India Drive’ 5.0


Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the First World Provider for Smart Mobility Solutions and the largest exporter since its inception, today marked the 5th chapter of ‘Great India Drive’ from Hyundai Motor India’s Corporate Head Quarters in Gurugram, Haryana.

In line with Hyundai’s Global Vision ‘Progress for Humanity’, ‘Great India Drive’ 5.0 will explore the stories of people and places that have played a major role in India’s Journey of Progress, contributing to its development of a prosperous and better nation for generations to come.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. SS Kim, Director and CEO of Hyundai Motor India Ltd (HMIL), said, “Over the past 25 years HMI has played a key role in introducing modern and advanced technology that has helped to realize the vision of Human Progress.

Our mission is to connect people with the highest level of time by introducing new solutions built on the three pillars of Intelligent Technology, Sustainability and Innovation. In its fifth iteration, Great India Drive will continue to capture unique moments and trips throughout India as it reflects India’s progress with the people and places that have contributed to this progress.

As a leader in introducing modern and advanced technology to the new generation of customers, our leading brands CRETA, VENUE, ALCAZAR and i20 N Line are set to create new and unique moments in the 5th Chapter of Great India Drive”.

By reviving the Vision of ‘Human Progress’, the Hyundai Motor India Foundation has also launched programs focusing on community development and sustainability.

At the Great India Drive 5.0 flagship launch event, Hyundai Motor India also shared the MoU of its Lake Recovery project, with Mr. Yash Garg, Deputy Commissioner, Gurugram.

The company will undertake the development of 3 lakes, each in the Sohna, Pataudi, and Farrukhnagar blocks of Gurugram in partnership with the Gurujal Society. Combined these three lakes will be able to charge 93 million liters of groundwater annually.

In addition, in pursuit of HMIL’s goal of establishing sustainable leadership, it also announced the launch of a unique City Hall project with a road safety message, ‘Dhyan Do’, which will emphasize road safety and health care for public/private transport drivers. .

These programs will help HMI create more opportunities for individuals and communities and be part of the transition to a sustainable way of life.

Hyundai has envisioned the ‘Great India Drive’ to capture unique stories throughout India, connecting people with their roots and harmonizing the natural symphony, reaching these places with modern, advanced, and efficient Hyundai vehicles.

By 2021 there will be 4 Iconic Hyundai CRETA, VENUE, ALCAZAR cars, and the i20 N line that easily displays many advanced driving features that will take the driving experience beyond the normal range of travel as a witness place of good destinations throughout India with unique stories.

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