PR and Communication strategy trends for 2021


The working environment and industry overall are quickly advancing particularly since the Covid flare-up. There has been a key change in the way organizations offer customer services, associations convey inside and offices communicate with the customers to proceed with the same old thing as usual. Even though difficulties have consistently existed, but the pandemic has further brought changes to a different level.

A year loaded with change, numerous organizations have upgraded themselves with being digital either by adopting to e-commerce business model further in the expanding unpredictability. On this Udit Sagar Pathak, Co-Founder and Director, Media Mantra discusses the quick changes in the world and communication strategies coming up for the year 2021.

Livestreaming is a Trend

The pandemic has successfully wiped out the chance of such any indoor mass social occasions including events, workshops, annual functions, shows, sports events, business gatherings, and so forth While “remaining protected by staying inside” remains the announcement, organizations moved to the protected limits of online events, online classes, and the world started evolving online. Although numerous organizations are returning to pre-COVID methods of work, it will take some time before regularity resumes, or possibly, we never head back to what it was at first.

Virtual Meetings are Here to Stay as an advancement

Virtual meetings are one of a couple of positive advancements that have arisen during 2020 and this move by organizations is ideally digging in for the long haul as it gives a genuinely necessary apparatus to support diversity, working environment consideration, and work-life balance.
Before the Covid flare-up, on the off chance that anybody of us had gone to a virtual gathering it very well may be a periodic online course, video calls with loved ones, or long video chats with no video by any means. The advanced change from continuous long gatherings is a really comfortable and efficient element.

Predictive Analysis through Artificial Intelligence

Predictive investigation can utilize factual calculations, information, and AI strategies to ascertain the likelihood of future occasions dependent on notable data. Further, a predictive examination can help make new business sectors by distinguishing potential customers. Simulated intelligence can discover satisfactory patterns and interests by examining customers in real-time, hence, encouraging PR and promoting to expand its reach fundamentally.

Significance of Interactive Content

Through interactive content which includes pictures, text, animations, games, tests, puzzles, and so on, the customers are effectively baited into making a call-to-move. PR experts are progressively utilizing interactive content as it encourages them to get key data about their end-clients known as ‘interaction data.

Significance of Transparency

As organizations and correspondence channels go digital, customers do fear burglary, deceptive nature, and misinformation. Accordingly, the genuineness of brands is the top-most worry of users nowadays. Tending to the issue, the use of digital mediums by organizations to communicate and to prove their commitment will increase in 2021.


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