“‘Range Anxiety’ a challenge in marketing electric vehicles”: Vivek Srivatsa


Range Anxiety is something that most Electric vehicles owners have, at the back of their head while driving their EVs, they have thoughts as time passes by that when is their battery run out of its juice? Will they make it to their destination or the next charging point before the power runs out. Range anxiety is mostly cited as the reason why many are reluctant to own an electric vehicle.

Vivek Srivatsa, Head of Marketing, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors, unveiled the launch of its line of fleet vehicles under a sub-brand, called EXPRES-T EV. This car is targeted at mobility services, government, and corporate fleet customers. This vehicle segment will come with a satisfactorily big battery size, captive fast charging solution, and also claims to ensure low-cost ownership, along with passenger comfort and safety.
Fleet business reduces the cost of ownership, acquisition, running the car and as well as its maintenance along with the passenger comfort. Comfort is not only the space available in the car but also the comfort that it provides against any pollution, noise, environmental stressors, etc.” he said.

When we talk about electric vehicles most discussed matter is about the feasibility of charging, Srivatsa says that charging both fleet and passenger vehicles is different. With fleet vehicles now, people will know exactly what distance a car can travel in a day, and also the downtime when the person can actually charge his vehicle. This makes it slightly different from how a personal vehicle is charged which is a little bit more unpredictable.

Talking about the aspects of this vehicle that is to be launched and the features it has are – two Range options of 165 km and 213 km, a high-density battery of 16.5 kWh and 21.5 kWh that can be charged from 0-80 percent in 110 and 90 minutes respectively, with fast charging. It can also be charged from any type of 15A plug point that is easily available.

Now talking about the range anxiety it can be reduced by using a better and predictable batter along with better-charging infrastructure spread across the country which they think of doing by tying up with Tata power to provide charging infrastructure. These all add up to say that fleet electric vehicles look very promising future.

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