RBL Bank launches campaign on cybersecurity awareness #RahoCyberSafe


RRBL Bank also known as Ratnakar Bank is well known Indian private sector bank which is headquartered in Mumbai. It was founded in 1943. The bank has recently launched a new campaign under the name of #RahoCyberSafe.

RBL Campaign

RBL Bank has released a new campaign and made a series of consumer mindfulness recordings called #RahoCyberSafe, with an intention to drive mindfulness of cybersecurity among customers around social engineering frauds which are expanding with the rising reception of digital methods of banking and installments. The video describes the common tricks used by scammers to do cyber frauds

With the expanding requirement for social separating, people today resort to digital methods for banking to remain safe and made sure about. Be that as it may, with the ascent in advanced exchanges, there can be an ascent in online-related cheats as well. 

The teaser video opens with a couple of genuine cases on how fraudsters call clients offering a worthwhile plan or mentioning contributions for a critical KYC updation. Normally, the client is tempted to share classified data, for example, card number, CVV number, or card pin. The individual recordings at that point expand on each occurrence and how to direct adroitly from such fraud calls.

The organization has taken understanding from the everyday part of exchanges, where individuals will in general offer their delicate data like card number, CVV number, OTP on the grounds that they are gotten uninformed and in mid of their bustling timetables and scammers make a desire to move quickly and alarm. Additionally, feelings are best misused by the con artist. All around read and instructed individuals likewise fall prey to these cheats since they are gotten unconscious in their active times – in mid of voyaging, working, cooking, and so forth. Consequently ‘being ready’ alongside information is essential to remain safe from digital cheats.  The organization included that for this reason, top slanting fakes, and their usual methodology were recognized and are being appeared through the battle – credit and check cards extortion, KYC related misrepresentation, UPI misrepresentation and Phishing (email and SMS). The intended interest group for the crusade is 45+ MF, not all that carefully insightful/late adopter, from level I and II and from metros.


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