Read India Celebration 2021: A platform for students to emerge talents


Read India Celebration 2021 could be a unique opportunity for colleges and universities to engage the students in a transformative way of non-academic reading and experiences. RIC 2021 was announced by Republic media Network and Leading Self.

Read India celebration 2021 will bring the Independent thinkers by encouraging students across the country. A book reading and leadership initiative for the students. Not only the academic-related books, but it also encourages to read the non-academic books and build emerging leaders from all around the world.

The aim is of RIC 2021 International is to Read, Think and Act. The things to be done together for the higher result are the 3R’s which are Reading Books, Reading Self, and Reading Situations. Only focuses on 3 things conscious, continuous, and improvement.

Association main aim is to form a habit of reading for the younger generation across the country and the globe. The goal of reading India Celebrations 2021 is to urge 10 lakh student registration all over the country.

RIC 2021 is not a contest it is a grand stage to celebrate emerging leaders, gyani’s, leaders from all across the world also from India. This is not only the competition it also engages the students about the connection between readership, the success of leadership which is articulated all over the world.  There is a lack of understanding and awareness among the students.

From a known, we can get the unknown. Reading books leads to Reading self, reading self leads to knowing self, and knowing self leads to leading self and winning life.

RIC plans to create the world’s largest knowledge festival where students from different backgrounds like Geographic’s, cultures, age groups can share their knowledge, views, and solutions for the problems.

To inspire more students Republic Media Network has associated with Leading Self. This initiative will support, encourage and build a powerful platform that brings bright minds and creates Independent Thinkers.

Students from rural, urban, social, economic, and other backgrounds should use this platform and opportunity of this great event. Everyone must think independently and create a better future.

RIC is a great initiative where it brings out the talent among the students who are the future leaders and supporting them to the fullest.

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