Redcliffe Labs aims to strengthen its team across the country

Young female tech or scientist loads liquid sample into test tube with plastic pipette. Shallow DOF, focus on the hand with the tube.

Redcliffe Labs, also known as Redcliffe Life Diagnostics, is a unit of Redcliffe Lifetech in the U.S. and India, looking to expand its staff count across the country. They decided to hire over 1000 new employees over the next 6 months across various levels, including entry, mid and senior-level.

This new hiring will be prioritized in large cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, along with tier 2 cities like Raipur, Dehradun, and Kanpur.

Senior leadership, technology, marketing, sales, customer service, operations, and phlebotomists are all available roles. The organisation is expanding its workforce to accommodate the growth of its extensive network of labs and collection centres.

Redcliffe Life Diagnostics is a specialised clinical laboratory that performs tests on medical samples to obtain information about a patient’s health in order to provide accurate disease diagnosis, treatment, and control. It’s where clinical specimens are tested in the laboratory and the results are examined.

Redcliffe Labs plans to develop a 100-lab network, 5000 collection centres, and 5000 phlebotomists field team for digital business and to service 50000 homes per day, with 1200+ staff serving in 30 cities and executing 1 lakh tests every day.

Due to the covid 19 pandemic, there has been a steady increase in demand for diagnostic tests particularly home diagnostics. Redcliffe Labs is rapidly growing across India to cater to people looking for reliable tests with quick and easy-to-understand smart findings.

Redcliffe lab’s founder Mr. Dheeraj Jain wants this to be a one-stop diagnostic company that provides the entire portfolio of tests under one roof and that too at reasonable costs. They intend to pursue a rapid expansion strategy. Currently, they are delivering over 3500 tests to over a million people.

The testing facility at Redcliffe Labs is cutting-edge and well-equipped.  They are established in compliance with a globally recognised Standard and staffed by a team of highly experienced experts and technologists to suit patients’ laboratory testing needs.

Redcliffe Life Diagnostics’ full-body health check-up helps people to keep track of what’s going on inside their bodies.

People aged 30 to 40 should have a full-body checkup every two years. Colorectal cancer screening, blood pressure screening, and cholesterol screening tests are also available for persons aged 40 to 60 at Redcliffe Life Diagnostics’ specialised labs. Regular health examinations should be done at least once a year for persons over the age of 60 who are experiencing certain health issues.

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