Reliance BroBot Unveiled


Reliance general insurance announces the launch of “BroBot”- a replacement mascot that mixes technology and heart. This type of technology is introduced with a vision to produce real-time services to customers. By offering customers the services of BroBot, the corporate is looking to pursue its positioning as a brand-new age general insurance brand. With this campaign, the corporate aims to achieve the masses and tap on the market potential that’s searching for general free insurance.

The campaign is launched together with an exclusive YouTube video where numerous 3D animated characters are found, projecting them to be distributed under different circumstances of their life and BroBot enters to rescue them. The video presents BroBot as a superhero, who with the ability of insurance solutions, that are both tech-enabled and compassionate, lens out assistance for the people in need. The music of the film is an edited version of a famous nineties Bollywood song that gets well into the theme of the video.

 As 2020 runs through major ups and downs, reliance on general insurance finds the simplest way out by partnering with enormous brands to explore a brand-new approach for repositioning the brand within the new normal. When the physical world lost its balance, during the pandemic situations, the digital platform stood by allowing them to ascertain the brand-new philosophy of Tech + Heart. The ‘Tech’ explained the radial shift to digital and therefore the ‘Heart’ indicating the unimpaired human touch and therefore the empathy that comes with it.

 Based on the success of the campaign, Rakesh Jain, administrator, and chief military officer of reliance general insurance said, “During the covid-19 majority of the customer interactions happened digitally and that we led to a series of tech innovations to simplify and make those interactions seamless. However, we as a General underwriter also understood that technological disruption results in America meeting human values and concentrate on being a customer-first, always. That’s why we decided to possess a brand mascot ‘Brobot’ that embodies this ethos percent insurance with a fresh perspective to our customers within the new normal.”

By heading the shoppers with a brand-new approach, the corporate aims to reinforce ways to interact with the shoppers as they need to note the digital interaction of the people during the covid-19 situation. A robot may be a personal guide who takes responsibility to concentrate on the issues of the shoppers carefully and understand with the AI capabilities 24×7 and assists them in getting a policy instantly, where no one must meet physically and their activities are often tracked real-time with none of the further follow-up.


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