2020:A Twist In The Lifestyle Of Young Indian Consumers


The arrival of the covid-19 pandemic has hit the mindset of young Indian consumers vigorously. The young Indians showcased a change in demand across various categories like food, beauty, fitness, shopping, family, mindfulness, technology, e-learning, and remote working. When the pandemic made a hit in the nation at the primary level, things that the people understood was to protect themselves, their family, their livelihood, and the way of their life.

The young Indian consumers are grappling with this immediate effect of the outbreak. The track of their normal life changed into social distancing, lockdown living, panic buying, restricted services, digital consumption, reaction to rumors, and fake news.

When decoding the findings from a Schbang report, some of the highlights may provide us some understanding into what the new Indian consumer wants, what marketers should capitalize on, and what they should watch out for in 2021.

According to the survey, about 81% of the citizens responded to natural beauty products instead of the clinical one and 51% added up that they would spend approximately 30 minutes a day on skincare and 59% was found to invest more in the skincare products. In collaboration with technology, the beauty industry provides the people touch and feel shopping experience on digital platforms. Here, about 81% of the people prefer to watch tutorials from an influencer rather than a brand. This is even a gateway for both beauty influencers and beauty brands to renovate their usage in their digital space.

When studying the interactions of the young Indians, based on their families and friends, it was found out that 90% of the young generation were close to their family over friends. 61% responded that a simple act of eating together as a family has become one of the main keys to their family bonding. Also, 72% reported that they missed spending valuable time with their family after lockdown.

The spread of covid-19 had created an impact on social media where the audience on Facebook and Instagram kept on reacting to the coronavirus related content. They are appreciating brands that are creating content that has a positive note. Digital consumption concerning songs and binge-watching series and movies has seen a huge hike with their viewability like the Amazon prime, Netflix.

During the lockdown, many business firms and brands had a potential growth into the elevated demands of Indian consumers in 2021, as most of the household managed to cook at home and increased delivery services. It was found that pre-planning was made a habit between the people as they focused on healthy eating and 83% of them were satisfied with this positive lifestyle change.


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