Ritz releases Instagram Stories sticker pack to honour foster families


This Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Mondelez Ritz cracker celebrates foster parents everywhere as the ultimate welcomers. The brand has joined hands with the National Foster Parent Association on the “Foster Welcome” effort.

To salute foster parents, this week RITZ launched a multichannel campaign and unveiled its all-new Instagram Stories sticker pack. RITZ has created custom-made Instagram stickers for foster parent’s who haven’t been able to post family pictures on the social-media app because of privacy rules in some states. Families no longer have to edit their photos with icons or censor bars that hide their child’s face, instead, foster parents can now use the #FosterWelcome hashtag to search and find alternative stickers for sharing pictures.

The “Foster Welcome” campaign aims to promote inclusivity as a part of Ritz’s broader “A Taste of Welcome” effort. The brand collaborated with The Martin Agency and the National Foster Parent Association to create a two-minute-long form video for the campaign, which Ritz posted on its TasteofWelcome.com website.

The video encapsulates the nervousness and excitement of a couple as they welcome a foster teenage boy into their home. The story brings into light the authentic and real emotions children and foster families experience during their first meeting. The video also shows the couple preparing a snack from Mondelez Ritz cracker to make their child feel more comfortable in his new surroundings.

Mondelez Ritz has launched the “Foster Welcome” campaign to continue the brand’s mission to make the world a more welcoming place. As the world is gearing up to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, RITZ has taken a unique approach, to honour the families who care for the estimated 424,000 foster children in the United States.

RITZ is honoured to share the inspiring stories reflecting the incredible work these foster parents do every day. The brand raises awareness around how meaningful it is to be a foster parent, from large families to single parents to same-sex parents, they are truly the ultimate welcomers. During last year’s holiday season, the brand unveiled its “Where There’s Love, There’s Family” campaign emphasizing the message of diversity and inclusion.

“Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the perfect occasions to celebrate all the foster parents who might not get the recognition they deserve during this time of year,” said, Santiago Gomez Bernal, Associate Marketing Director- Mondelez Ritz.

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