Roshni – Brand Mascot Unveiled by Tata Power Delhi


Tata Power Delhi Distribution, which supplies north and north-west Delhi with electricity, has introduced its official brand mascot called ‘Roshni’ to provide customers with knowledge on various topics through the digital channels of the company. Through interacting with them, she would inspire the clients. The mascot will attract the audience’s interest and will quickly interact with individuals of all age levels with a recognizable appeal. She will relay messages related to a variety of energy efficiency concerns, e-bill compensation, business ethics, consumer-centered programs, and safety tips. The mascot of the brand has been given trademark by the company.

The organization will use ‘Roshni’ in their social media communication to encourage a visual interaction with customers and make them aware of potential communication in a language that would also inspire them to engage in it. The company mascot will keep the branding of the brand alive and reiterate the slogan- ‘With you Non-Stop’ with Roshni now engaging on a real-time basis with the customers. In addition, the mascot will push the ‘Samajhdari Ki Preference’ campaign recently initiated by the organization to persuade its customers to vote for e-bills by saying no to paper bills on the occasion of ‘National Consumer Day.’ The organization claims that, on a personal basis, customers would be able to connect to the mascot.

In line with the mission of the business to create long-lasting, committed relationships with customers, the need for Roshni emerges. In the Indian Power Distribution area, she is the first of her kind and will help to gain a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of the customers of the company, rising beyond the preconceived position of a mere service provider.

The Head of corporate affairs, administration, communication, and security of Tata Power-DDL, Mr. Siddharth Singh said that as a sign of shakti, Roshni spreads the ‘light of wisdom.’ This effort is another step towards the warm-hearted development of two-way contact with their customers using digital media. They hope that their customers will be able to create a deeper bond with them through Roshni and feel inspired. In every possible way, they want to solve the concerns of the customers and make them aware of their initiatives.

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