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Digital creativity is driving business growth and the technological transformation of modern communication channels. It is disrupting today’s standards of living and improving everything from buying products to accessing information.

Today, pioneering gurus are working to balance innovative advances with real-world applications to improve operational flexibility and business performance and increase brand awareness. That’s what SearchDigital does best.

What makes a company stand out? For SearchDigital, it’s about creating unique, industry-leading products and delivering digital services that are unmatched by their contemporaries. In addition, the team specializes in the highest standards of process and strategy, ensuring capital efficiency and maximizing return on investment for clients.

Ronald, the founder and CEO of SearchDigital, began his journey providing digital solutions as an early adopter of the World Wide Web. He earned his first salary as a programmer at Future Plc when he was 12 years old.

He was described as a “computer genius” from an early age and became a SearchDigital visionary. He also published a computer magazine called CAS with three of his friends.

Ronald released his first C++ video game at the age of 14 and one of his creations was exhibited in an art exhibition at the age of 15. He received his Mensa certificate at the age of 16. His passion for digital art began with the use of Degas Elite on the Atari ST, published by Electronic Arts.

Always looking for new ways to expand his digital skillset, Ronald began gaining experience in 3D modelling by learning Autodesk’s 3D Studio software. His first 3D demonstration led to his first job: designing realistic environments for aircraft simulators, which future pilots use to train. Ronald then joined the Virgin Group’s gaming division as a digital designer at its London headquarters. He later worked with the original Bullfrog production team before founding SearchDigital.

Ronald always strives to use his expertise to blend technical and creative disciplines to deliver exceptional products for his clients. Just like its founder, SearchDigital believes in always creating unique, industry-leading digital solutions.

While many other agencies use template systems for website development, SearchDigital offers a very different product from those built on WordPress and other similar systems.

SearchDigital recognizes that digital creativity, technology, artificial intelligence and automation can enable a dynamic user experience. With truly unique communication journeys replacing traditional mass media, Companies that fail to adapt and harness the power of modern digital technology will not thrive in today’s marketplace.

The key challenge for businesses as digital communicators is to communicate the importance of a strong digital strategy for all businesses and brands. Many business owners are often stuck in traditional marketing channels and are not used to the digital best practices of a generation ago.

Some only realize the power of digital technology after the global pandemic. Those who have embraced and remained convinced of the benefits of modern communication channels are now in full swing. If there is a silver lining to the current health crisis, it is that businesses are now able to take advantage of digital technology.

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