Shopping in E-Com goes mainstream in Apac: Reprise


Locked in by the Pandemic, people had to find ways and means to get what they require in their households and for themselves. This necessity was enough to accelerate the pace of online purchasing. Based on brand new research by Reprise, Purchasing throughout Asia-Pacific is on the track of shifting from a pandemic necessity to an everlasting shift to retail consumption.

Online shoppers have outpaced their offline counterparts by 42% vs 31% in shopping once in a month, and the online shoppers who shop every few months outpaced offline shoppers by 66%. In collaboration with Google, the study conducted during the first period of 2021, had 13000 shoppers interviewed in the ratio of 1000 per market across India, China, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Vietnam. 

The prediction that the consumers hunt aggressively for online deals is true, but some findings were surprising. For example, Pandemic-induced restrictions were not enough to dampen consumers’ desire to look and feel good. In the Asia-Pacific region the top 3 most shopped categories online are; Clothing and Apparel(67%), Beauty and Health(47%), and Consumer Electronics(40%).

According to the findings, many markets in the Apac have already leapfrogged as 5xtimes, meeting the 2025 predictions. The acceleration in e-commerce is partly due to fast-forwarded platforms in their interface roadmaps and advanced technology. Platform ads have played a significant role in directing the audience to buy online. Social Media has turned out to be the top point of research to discover new brands and products while purchasing online.

Online shopping has got some nuances despite this rapid growth of e-commerce in the region. Asia-Pacific demonstration shows that there are some fundamental differences in the behavior by market coming to e-commerce. Brands are likely to see more success if they embrace the policy of local first and introduce more products accordingly.

In India, consumer reviews play a valuable role in the way a product is perceived. It has the biggest advantage by 64% of online shoppers. Marketplaces such as Flipkart and Amazon have been ranked higher in product discovery in the last 12 months for various kinds of product categories. 64% of online shoppers consider television advertisements to be the reason behind discovering new products.

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