Slice’s creative new print ad


Slice, the app-based credit card challenger in India, has released its latest ad campaign in English newspapers across India. Purposefully indecipherable, the app shows how traditional credit cards have inscrutable terms and conditions, unlike the slice super card.

Of the hundreds of millions of Indians who have bank accounts, only about 30 million of them own credit cards. The acceptance of the plastic card has remained inert in India. But Slice believes that they have found the solution for this.

Fintech startup Slice offers a credit limit as low as 2000 rupees for their credit cards. In the Indian credit card market, this is the lowest credit limit available on a card. A strategy aimed at connecting close to 200 million Indians who do transactions online, but does not own a credit card because of low income or because of not having a decent enough credit score.

According to the founder and chief executive of Slice, Rajan Bajaj, the company’s credit limit card, which is significantly lower than the industry’s lowest limit of about $270, is targeted at those who doesn’t have a good score or any valid score and to slowly help them build it.

Credit card companies generally target customers who fall in a higher income bracket, and the cards usually come with a bunch of benefits like travel points and cashback offers. Slice wants to change all this.

There is nothing traditional about the company, and it shows in their latest ad too. The company has incorporated a creative and interactive exercise by making the readers decipher text written in ancient Greek using Google Lens.

To view the ad, readers can go to the front page(November 18 edition) of newspapers like Hindustan Times, Deccan Herald, Deccan Chronicle, and The Hindu English. After its release, the ad received strong reactions on social media. Conversations around it were spreading on Twitter and LinkedIn.

A print ad in this day and age of digital ad creation captured the interest and attention of a lot of readers. If you haven’t yet seen the ad, go and give it a try using Google Lens.

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