‘Gensets Ka 1-2-3’ : campaign for the optimum performance of gensets


‘Gensets ka 1-2-3’, a digital campaign launched by global lubricant manufacturer Valvoline Cummins Private Limited reminds customers to frequently service their gensets to warrant no power blackout, either in a commercial area or at home.

Around this season every year, the demand for power in India increases and in some cases there is load shedding too. Getting the gensets serviced and ensuring that it’s working fine is forgotten among all the preparations.

Changing oil regularly is the most important part of servicing a genset and ensuring a well lit home.

And the very promising range of engine oil ‘Premium Blue’ by Valvoline is specifically made for the lubrication requirements of gensets. It is a jointly developed technology between Valvoline and Cummins, which has been tested extensively on Cummins engines.

The product is exclusively endorsed and recommended by Cummins, and designed to provide advanced lubricant performance in gas and diesel engines, including low emission ones.

Their dispersant technology is an improvement on the industry standards and prevents engine wear, requires less maintenance and results in longer engine life.

Premium Blue is designed for the newest diesel engine specifications that allow for higher sulfated ash products. The product demonstrates a superiorly high TBN retention, and hinders the corrosive wear of engine parts.

The Premium Blue oil offers a boosted drain potential through a balanced formula that helps to attain the highest engine durability.

In our daily lives, servicing of gensets only happens when there is a blackout. Understanding this, Valvoline Cummins launched ‘Gensets ka 1-2-3’ approach, an interactive video that informs and educates the importance of regular servicing.

Regularly changing the oil is the most important part of servicing a genset. When a genset performs at its best, it saves fuel and cost, emits less smoke, and provides peace of mind ownership.

Valvoline Cummins India Chief Marketing Officer Ipshita Chowdhury said in a statement that the aim of the campaign was to inform the consumers to get their gensets serviced on time. She further added that the company was investing heavily in Research and Development to come up with products that exceed the needs of their consumers.

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