Snacker Cracker campaign by Britannia Nutrichoice


The country’s biggest bakery foods industry, Britannia Industries Limited has commenced a new “Snacker Cracker” campaign for its NutriChoice Sugar-Free Cracker range featuring Bengali superstar Abir Chatterjee.

It is Priced at Rs 35 for 300g, Britannia NutriChoice Cracker creates the quest for fast, simple snacks easier.

The lockdown has steered to heightened snacking at home. This not only concluded in a mission for healthful snacks but vastly first-time cooks exploring & researching with mixed, delicious, healthful, and simple to make snacks.

The word ‘Recipe’ at one point was the greatly searched word online during the pandemic. The brand’s new TVC stars Abir Chatterjee in an unimaginable avatar. A learner cook himself, Abir has picked up a few culinary techniques during the pandemic.

The campaign accentuates how the cracker is so adaptable that it can be used in a combination of means to make healthy snacks all day.

Moreover, he will be seen readying some random recipes using NutriChoice Sugar-Free Crackers as the basic base element. It is not only sugar-free, but its indifferent taste makes for a great complement to a variety of delicious ingredients to make a fast and flavorful snack.

Speaking of the NutriChoice Snacker Cracker campaign, Vinay Subramanyam, VP Marketing of Britannia Industries Limited said that they have noticed that working from home, buyers have put up with snacking more than before.

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of cooking at home versus dining, and it has insinuated a need to make an attentive measure in selecting the healthful way, be it an entire meal or just a snack.

With Britannia NutriChoice Sugar-Free Cracker, they strive to provide the customers with that prosperous, tasty & DIY base element that can be effortlessly made by anyone, any time.

The Cracker is not only slim, light, and crispy but also sugar-free, therefore enhancing value to the increasingly health-conscious consumers. The campaign will heighten the offering with Abir Chatterjee. He is a perfect fit to aid personify the proposal of creating a healthier alternative for everyone’s snacking desires.

Talking about his collaboration with the brand, Abir Chatterjee said that being a definitive Bengali, he loves snacking and make sure he doesn’t skip any meal, but his shoot timings frequent make it tough. But in the lockdown, he has picked up a few culinary abilities.

Britannia NutriChoice Sugar-Free Crackers is the ideal snack whisperer & incredible too as experiment with one cooking skills. It makes for a delicious snack with the comfort of having made a prosperous choice.

He feels glad to see how Britannia NutriChoice Cracker will soon be in every kitchen, playing the role of that versatile and must-have component for each meal and snack. He thinks that we all are also in for a ride to uncover some terrific recipes from various homes of the country with this campaign.

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