Social Beat launches #DoNotBackSlide campaign


The campaign #DoNotBackSlide was recently launched by Social Beat on World Environment Day as a reminder to improve our ways and spread awareness to keep our environment clean and healthy.

The only motive of this campaign was to inculcate sustainable living especially from the view of the ongoing pandemic. But unfortunately, due to COVID-19, countries went into lockdown last year and we saw the environment bounce back.

There was cleaner air, clearer water, and less noise pollution. As people were stuck in their homes, they heard birds chirping again and encountered ducks swimming in the clean water bodies.

As the world heals slowly, it is not that difficult to revert to old ways as they may seem familiar. But these actions have evidently proven to be toxic for our environment. Through this campaign, people are asked to stop and make a thoughtful choice to make this world a better place.

This social media campaign #DoNotBackSlide throws light on the toxic relationship one has with nature with a plea to not go back to our toxic ways. The message has been conveyed via one video and 4 static posts that are featured on Instagram and Facebook.

Panisa Shah, Creative Head, Social Beat, said, “We have chosen the toxic relationship with nature angle for our campaign because it is one, we should be trying to walk away from. In life, we tend to return to what is comfortable and acquainted with us, even if that relationship is bad for our mental and physical health well-being.

“Similarly, adapting to a sustainable lifestyle feels scary and difficult because it seems new and uncomfortable. With this campaign, we wanted to prompt everyone that a happy environment can only not be covered with toxicity, and it’s time that we got our act together and say #DoNotBackSlide”, Shah added.

When the ultimatum is to reduce the environmental impact and give back to nature, Social Beat couldn’t be more proud to roll out this campaign on World Environment Day.

Vikas Chawla, Co-Founder, Social Beat, said, “At one time when we realize that our planet’s future depends on sustainability, each one of us needs to do our part to heal the world. We are happy we could leverage the reach of digital media to spread this message.”

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