‘Sonnets by Tata Coffee’ is a new product from Tata Consumer Products


Sonnets by Tata Coffee, a new offering in the premium Roast and Ground coffee market, has been launched by Tata Consumer Goods, the consumer products firm that brings together the Tata Group’s major food and beverage activities under one roof.

Sonnets cater to coffee connoisseurs looking for a unique coffee experience. Sonnets are supplied from Tata Coffee’s South Indian estates. These are micro-lot coffees, which are limited edition offers prepared uniquely on the estates. Tata Coffee’s plantations are Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, and Social Accountability certified, ensuring that they meet the highest worldwide sustainability standards.

Customers may purchase at www.tatacoffeesonnets.com and select their favorite roast kinds, such as light, medium, or dark roast; they may also select their desired brewing method, such as filter coffee or French press grind. Micro lots are unique coffee lots chosen for their excellent quality and distinct flavor characteristics.

The current line-up includes four micro-lots with different scent and flavor profiles that can be customized across roast and grind settings.

Arabica Giling Basah – well-balanced cup with a nourishing and creamy texture, swirls of brightness, and a bright-sweet aftertaste.

Arabica Anaerobic Milds – soft, smooth, pleasant, and bright cup with a sweet aftertaste

High Elevation Arabica Red Honey – a bright cup with a fair and delicate texture, lasting aromas of orange, lemon, green apple, and mandarin, and bursts of sweetness and brightness on the finish.

Arabica Red Honey — a delightful cup with a good texture, brightness, and complex flavors, as well as a sweet finish.

Sonnets’ packaging design evokes artisan, freshly packed coffee, and each pack, in addition to the pouch, has a specific tag with information on the garden, grind, flavors, and notes of the coffee, signed off by Senior General Manager – Plantations.

According to Puneet Das, President of Tata Consumer Products Limited’s Packaged Beverages, India & South Asia, “A new wave of coffee is being embraced by the Indian customer. Sonnets by Tata Coffee is our newest premium artisanal coffee product, bringing to you some of the best coffee from Tata Coffee’s estates. The Indian client is embracing a new wave of coffee. Sonnets by Tata Coffee is our newest premium artisanal coffee product, providing you some of Tata Coffee’s best coffee.”

“Sonnets by Tata Coffee is the culmination of Tata Coffee’s 150-year history and unparalleled experience, which is reflected in this launch. We’re a conscientious brand because all of the estates we work with are Rainforest Alliance certified and use best-in-class agricultural techniques. All of the information on our coffee variety, roast levels, and other grinds like Fresh Press and Filter Coffee is available on our e-commerce buying page for Sonnets,” Das added.

Sonnets by Tata Coffee will be available on Amazon, Big Basket, Tata Cliq Luxury, and will be scaled up with selected listing in gourmet stores, among other places, in addition to the brand website.

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