Spotify releases new feature CTA in Advertising


Advertising in streaming platforms was just limited to promo code or URL, which may or may not capture the immediate interest of listeners. Spotify, the popular digital streaming platform, has found an interesting way to attract the curiosity of customers, through a new feature called call-to-action cards.  

The advertisements are more interactive and accessible with these call-to-action cards, the features of which include bold visuals, customizable text and clickable prompts, all of which help to enhance customer experience. The CTA cards appear at certain intervals such as at the beginning of an ad, and after some time when the customer has browsed through some content.  

The CTA cards can last up to seven days or till the end of that particular campaign, whichever comes first. Brands like Ulta Beauty, Athletic Greens and Squarespace have already been attracted to invest in the CTA cards. There is no opt-out option from CTA cards to premium subscribers, which is intended to help creators.  

According to Jay Richman, head of Spotify’s ads business and platform, the feature of CTA cards is an important step towards modernization of an ad format that will gradually be more capable with the introduction of new featured in the future, like shoppable, video etc.  

The new feature already has attracted many users and processed website traffic to brands’ websites.  

In its recent campaign, Ulta reached about 250,000 Spotify listeners, about half of which are estimated to have seen at least one CTA card while browsing the app.  

Mike Mignano, Spotify’s global head of talk and co-founder of Anchor, said that the CTA feature is a more equitable ecosystem where creators can access the feature for free, and can even monetize their talent.  

The interest in streamed audio content continues to grow among consumers, and this pushes marketers to come up with innovative ideas and content. Studies show that time spent by users on audio content is more than the time spent in social media, gaming, video platforms etc.  

Spotify continues its growth and success journey through podcast content and technology. It acquired the ad company Megaphone in 2020, and the podcast tech company Whooshka in December. 

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