#StarKaNaman Campaign on World Television Day


Every year on November 21st, World Television Day is observed all around the world to commemorate the incredible creation of television. The invention of the television was hailed as a watershed moment in the media and communication industries.

World Television Day isn’t so much about technology as it is about the idea it represents. In today’s society, television serves as a symbol of communication and globalisation.

The United Nations hosted the main World Television Forum on November 21 and 22, 1996. Leading media professionals gathered here to discuss the evolving meaning of television in a rapidly changing world and how they may improve their joint partnership.

UN pioneers saw television as a tool for highlighting conflicts, bringing to light threats to peace and security, and focusing attention on friendly and monetary issues. TV was acknowledged as an important tool for educating, distracting, and influencing public opinion, influencing global governmental concerns.

As a result, the United Nations General Assembly designated 21 st November as World Television Day.

On the occasion of World Television Day, the Star India network launched the #StarKaNaman campaign, which highlights the role of DTH and cable operators in improving the TV viewing experience of consumers.

In a society where television is a major source of entertainment, the campaign portrays TV distribution affiliates as the consumer’s extended family.

The brand film creatively highlights the value that the DTH and Cable industries bring to the table through their in-depth knowledge of the consumer. The campaign is a dedication to the ecosystem, whose tireless efforts provide viewers with an escape from tedious activities and bring the entire family together through enjoyable television programming.

The brand film begins with a consumer approaching an operator’s office to buy a yearlong TV subscription for his family because he will be gone for a year. The customer is completely shocked and moved by the operator’s grasp of what his entire family watches, as well as the assurance that the TV channel bundle will not be charged while he is abroad.

On the 19th, 20th, and 21st of November, the campaign will be shown in seven languages on Star India network stations.

World Television Day focuses on a contemporary image of communication and globalisation. It examines how global communication has played an important role in shaping global challenges and serving as a major determinant of the global economy and international relations.

The day also emphasises the ever-increasing demands for communication. World Television Day highlights how communication has evolved into one of the most pressing worldwide challenges, not just in terms of its economic significance, but also in terms of its implications for social and political developments.

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