#StopTheStroke campaign by Havas Life Sorento


#StopTheStroke campaign to boost awareness of stroke signs and therefore the benefits of timely access to emergency medical care. On 29th October World Stroke Day, Gleneagles Global Hospitals and Continental Hospitals launched the campaign.

The heart pondering campaign includes a digital film that highlights why one should recognise the indications of an upcoming stroke and seek medical care right away. The goal of the campaign is to spread awareness and knowledge to confirm timely intervention. 

The Indian Stroke Association, reports that the stroke disease burden in India has increased nearly 100% within the past few decades. Yet, the stroke goes undetected. 

The primary reason is that the people in danger are still unaware of the signs of stroke, like slurred speech, and also the undeniable fact that action should be taken within 4.5 hours. 

Unfortunately, most of them cant make it to the hospital in time, often, resulting in permanent disability.

The campaign is conceived and actualized by Havas Life Sorento, the health and wellness communications wing of Havas Group India. The Visuals are produced with delicacy and craft to astonish viewers by the element of surprise. 

The film successfully managed to grab the audience’s attention, create recall value, and thereby raise awareness about the signs and symptoms of a brain stroke. The film persuades viewers to respond within 4.5 hours to avoid severe damage.

Executing this campaign was truly a humbling experience. Stroke is one among the foremost devastating and debilitating conditions said, Sangeeta Barde, Managing Director – India, Havas Life Sorento. 

Awareness about the stroke symptoms and understanding the value of timely access to emergency medical care is crucial. The majority of  Stroke survivors face real-life challenges like physical and communication difficulties. Some even suffer the loss of work, income, and social networks

#StopTheStroke campaign indulges in posters and other digital footprints to create awareness and responsibility for stroke management. 

The fear and nightmare of the film are what makes the biggest difference as it compels viewers to sit up and take notice. 

This collaboration with Havas Life Sorento is determined for leaving no stone unturned in creating community awareness and responsibility by the appealing film on stroke prevention and cure said, Dr Ananth Rao, AVP Operations, IHH Healthcare India.

An event of stroke can be devastating and stressful for the patient and their caregivers.

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