Study Machine Learning through these Latest Online Courses


People are well aware of the next era of humanoids. We can’t imagine a world without automation hence Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have become a buzzword in global business. Machine learning is growing day by day. It is stepping into new industries hour by hour creating revolutions by bringing in innovations. Listed below are the top free machine learning courses to look out for this month.

Machine Learning Course – started offering free online courses to make the general public understand the basic things about Artificial Intelligence and also how to get started in this field. It is one of the top websites for artificial intelligence. is developed in such a way that the students could learn by doing it in practice.

Machine Learning Introduction Course – Udacity

This is a nanodegree program conducted by a reputed company Udacity. This program helps you to build up the skills that an aspiring data analyst and data scientist should own. This course helps you to examine how to do data analyzing by making use of Machine Learning and you will also learn to analyze some of the most popular Machine learning algorithms and also access their results. By the end of this course, you will also learn to recognize and use the best features for a better representation of your data.

Machine Learning – Coursera

Coursera offers their course in Octave which is an open-source programming language rather than making use of Python or R. although Octave will be very handy for a beginner as it is an easy way to learn the basics of machine learning.

Mastering Data Science and Machine Learning Fundamentals – Udemy 

This course is mainly theory-based rather than practicals. It is a very popular machine learning course that is mainly meant for beginners. This course provides you with 18 short lectures on machine learning models, performance, and best practices. 

50 Must-Know Concepts, Algorithms in Machine Learning – Udemy

This course is created for both those who want to refresh their data science skills and also for the ones who have a thorough understanding of machine learning. The course will help you understand and learn the core concepts of Machine learning principles, algorithms, and many more.

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