An AI solution for smart parking: advanced by L&T technology


L&T Technology Services announced the creation of a smart parking system in conjunction with Intel Corporation on the 17th of May. According to the business, the solution makes use of AI‘s efficient capabilities and consists of four main components.

They are a useful information site for operators, a mobile application for an end-user interface, a digital signage module for safe and secure access, and a digital camera. The AWS cloud platform connects all of these components, making everything readily available and accessible to users.

The Intel Distribution of the OpenVINO toolkit is used to execute the AI inference model on Intel Xeon scalable processors and Intel Movidius VPUs in the smart parking solution. The system does not require any sensors and can cover over 1000 parking spaces. It also includes edge AI capabilities, making it a smart solution that can transform the outdoor parking experience.

This AI system, which is the result of a partnership between two major tech companies, will provide individualized services to its consumers via an app. Parking space reservation, real-time occupancy tracking, and parking analytics are among the services available. To give intelligent real-time parking insights to operators, the system will use augmented video analytics and AI-based monitoring. It can be simply put in airports, stadiums, malls, and corporate buildings, according to the business.

L&T Technology is a world leader in engineering services and research and development. In 2018, the business worked with Cadence Design Systems Inc. to build an NB-IoT protocol stack IP that permitted a wide variety of device and network connections. This system was marketed as a smart technology with a wide range of applications, including smart car parking management.

LTT also provides a corporate IoT solution called i-BEMS, which is a proprietary building automation platform. All of these technological advancements, as well as the present smart parking solution, are significant milestones for the firm in the field of AI and disruptive technology.

“Technology and engineering services are not only effecting business transformation, but also have tremendous capabilities to allow enterprises to strengthen environmental, social, and governance-related pursuits,” said Amit Chadha, CEO and Managing Director, L&T Technology Services, in a statement.

“With the density of metropolitan surroundings resulting in fuel waste in the hundreds of litres per day, such an intelligent solution can assist overcome a plethora of challenges encountered by the industry,” he continued. We look forward to expanding our chances to deliver innovative solutions for the greater good with technologies from a global technology leader like Intel.

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