Surf Excel motivates society with recent mission on World Clean-up Day


Surf Excel today, makes one stride nearer to building a feasible and dependable brand for what’s to come. On the event of World Clean-up day, 18th September 2021, the brand declares its progress to half reused plastic jugs and dispatches its 30-sec TVC that pokes us all to decide and make a move to achieve a positive change.

 Featuring the need to work with this change for superior life and being future cognizant, the most recent TVC is conceptualized by its imaginative office Lowe Lintas. The video includes a little youngster who is moved by the accounts of her dad and granddad about their feeling of satisfaction from little encounters when man and nature weren’t out of sync with one another.

 With an assurance to make a world where she can be a piece of these interesting encounters, she begins gathering waste to make space for nature to thrive. Showing the way to her seniors, she acts to settle on better decisions for a cleaner future for herself, and numerous youngsters like her anticipating partaking on the planet in the entirety of its magnificence. 

With a perspective on its obligation towards building a maintainable economy, Surf Excel presently has changed to half reused plastic jugs. Surf Excel is executing this with the assistance of its innovative workgroup and the help from The Banyan Nation, India’s previously coordinated plastic reusing adventure. This implies half of the plastic utilized in its jugs has been produced using reprocessing existing plastic. The item is likewise planned to utilize 100% biodegradable exercises.

The item, pack, and correspondence change are a little poke from the Surf Excel group to the customers to accept their decisions have an effect in making a world as we wish for. The journey ahead is long, yet all journies have to start with the first step, and this is our initial phase in, what we genuinely accept is, the correct course for our portfolio, says Prabha Narasimhan, Executive Director and Vice President, Home Care, Hindustan Unilever (HUL).

“For longer than 10 years and a half, Surf Excel has been a defender of youngsters to do great while getting filthy. With this piece of work, we are stretching out our excursion to take on one of the issues – the danger to our current circumstance. This film is an acknowledgment of an issue on which youngsters can lead as change specialists. Through the straightforward activities of the youngster, we see our capacity to have an effect and expectation that it carries the association with the issue of ecological cognizance and activity”, says Kunal Joshi, President, Lowe Lintas

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