The Cookie Crumbles: New Ways to Target Consumers


Ever since its inception, cookies have been a major tool for marketers to easily identify online potential consumers and market products to them. But what is a cookie? According to, a cookie is a file that a website deposits in the user’s machine as a way to remind itself of something. For example, auto-filling of sites that you have registered is a type of cookie. These cookies provide marketers with information on how a particular user will use the site. This data is usually collected by the user’s browser and can be accessed by the respective website administrators. But these days, data privacy has become a huge pain point for the consumer. That is why browsers like Safari, Firefox, and most recently Google Chrome have decided to block cookies.

This means that these marketers will have to find a new method to advertise their products and target consumers. Taking all this into account Verizon media has launched a new unified identity solution which they have named Verizon media connect. The new unified ID solution is designed to support advertisers, publishers, and consumers as the digital landscape start to move away from the use of cookies. The new method that is replacing the cookie method aims to be privacy-centric. The new unified ID helps advertisers buy, measure, and optimize ads while also enabling publishers to manage, monetize and navigate audiences without third-party cookies by leveraging Verizon Media’s strength in direct consumer relationships, diverse ID graphs, full-stack, and privacy.

Iván Markman, Chief Business Officer for Verizon Media said that they are uniquely positioned to drive scaled, consumer-first identity solutions to help advertisers and publishers navigate the evolving digital landscape. He also mentioned that with their trusted, premium global properties used by hundreds of millions of people, their identity graph built around billions of daily, consent-based data signals, and the only independent ad platform with a full-stack DSP and SSP to protect data integrity across demand and supply can all come together to solve this new landscape for our customers. Verizon will be able to use their massive customer base to help marketers to maximize the potential of their first-party data for campaign optimization and measurement and enables publishers to leverage first-party audience data for better monetization as part of the Verizon Media Ad Platform.


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