The Latest ‘New Normal’ Strategy for the Brands


Marketers and representatives of ad agencies see a few main trends emerging more strongly in 2021. “Back to our roots” and “empathy” are core themes.  In the post-pandemic world, here’s a rundown of marketing patterns that will shape how brands interact with customers and develop their communities and business.

101 new ways to stimulate immunity

In the marketing world in 2020,’ Immunity’ was the buzziest term. All kinds of immunity-enhancing items were introduced by marketers – Haldi ice-creams and bread, neem infused mattresses, anti-corona shirts, biryanis, and more. Some of these technologies will vanish in 2021, but customers will continue to prioritize health, protection, and physical and mental well-being. Marketers think that 2021 will also be a year full of innovation-backed capacity to scale up. There is much more space to play and raise sales with trends such as Vocal for Local and Fit India brands.

Back to the roots

The way individuals eat, drink, play, and consume entertainment has changed the at-home culture. The unintended positive of the lockdowns have been the rekindling of family relations, according to marketers that BE spoke to. As the year progresses,’ back to the roots’ and ‘nostalgia’ will emerge as strong campaign trends to be explored by brands and agencies.

Marketers would like all ‘local’ to take centre stage as well. Deep connections with customers will be made from insurgent homegrown start-ups to multi-regional material. A treasure trove of insights will be generated by the achievements of these small business and entertainment items. Many still assume, however, that the difficulties of breaking down the insights of tactics may be a challenge.

‘Mein Bhi Influencer’

‘Dalgona coffee’ and ‘passing the brush challenge’ made everyone an influencer in 2020. Digital professionals agree that 2021 will be the year of marketing for influencers. Vast numbers of new micro-influencers will appear as’ spokespeople for brands on social media. Brands will need to concentrate on micro-listening for micro-targeting. The new race of influencers would rewrite the rules of participation.

Variant experiences

The year for hybrid solutions will be 2021. Brands would have to create a seamless combination of shopping experiences that are virtual and actual. Brands will have to uncover possibilities that will help them build new commerce platforms for a distance-friendly world.

Organizations are also required to become more intelligent about developing flexible digital consumer interactions that are individualized and unique to each of them. The most significant trend for the year ahead will be to balance data and a digital scale with a personal link at an individual level.

Creativity for the year makes a comeback

Brand narratives are frequently lost during the passage of the baton between the social media agency, the digital agency, the influencer agency, and the mainline agency. After years of advertisers ‘undervaluing’ the position of agencies and innovation, ad agency executives think 2021 is the year that creativity will make a comeback.

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