The most recent metamorphosis in robotics harmonize to transform industry 4.0


As per the report of the top robotics market with covid-19 impact analysis, they assume that the market size of robotics will reach US $176.8 billion in 2025 with a CAGR of 18.2%. Robotics has opened a superfluity of opportunities in the field of jobs and harmonizes to transform industry 4.0 helps in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing employees. innovations in robotics help to attract more people mostly children to the new world of technology. Due to the introduction of robotics, educational institutes are also started offering mechatronics in a view to drive students as regards robotics.

Recent metamorphosis in robotics harmonize to the transformation of industry are 

Energy-efficient robots

Due to the wide use of fuel engines our world is facing global warming because of that the carbon footprint present in the atmosphere is very high. energy efficient robots are introduced to reduce the use of energy consumption and to reduce the carbon footprints and is cost-efficient these are renewable energy equipment’s.

Around – B robots

Which was designed by Kim Seungwoo and Kyumin Ha which helps to enhance the experience of customers in bookstores. It helps to offer the users a comfortable place to keep the books instead of carrying them all over the shop. this robot carries the books to the cashier for seamless transaction efficiency.

Bossa nova robot

 It is used in retail stores for tracking inventories well as maintain product displays and shelves. It scans the shelves with its high-tech sensors with the help of 2d and 3d depth detecting cameras.

Zenbo robots

Zenbo helps the people remember to complete the daily task assigned and can also monitor the surroundings and will detect the emergency cases by connecting to CCTV. they can understand verbal commands forms users too.

Delivery Droid Robots

These are known as delivery droids which have been successfully tested in Australia. which is used for delivery purposes. was introduced by Cristina Borras in a view of contactless delivery in the time of pandemics.

Digit Robots

It is launched by Ford and Agility robotics team. It is also a delivery robot that can come to get the packages from autonomous self-driving cars to the doorstep of the recipient.

Care robots 

Which is introduced for taking care of the elderly or disabled patients, these robots look after their daily routines, alarm of medicines, it will try to interact with them it also assists nurses and doctors in medical duties on an hourly basis.

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