Recent Trends in Business using the Convolutional Neural Network


In Simple words “Convolutional Neural Network”, is an artificial deep learning neural network. The basic concept of the network is that the different elements roll together into a coherent whole by multiplying them. Convolution explains the effect of one function on the other.

Use of CNN in Image Classification

CNN uses Optical Character Recognition for classifying and clustering atypical elements like letters and numbers. OCR puts these elements together into a coherent whole .The primary field of convolutional neural networks is through Image recognition and classification. CNN deconstructs an image and then recognizes its distinct feature wherein the system uses a supervised machine learning classification algorithm. The most basic type of image classification used here is the image tagging algorithms. The image tag is a word or a combination of words and it describes the images and makes it easier to find them. This technique is used by Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

Face Recognition Application using CNN

What differentiates straight image recognition from face recognition is in its operational complexity, the extra layer of work involved. Initially, it recognizes the shape of the face and its features which is followed by further analysis to identify its essential credentials like the shape of the nose, its skin texture, skin tone, or presence of scar, hair, or any other anomalies on the surface. All these characteristics are calculated into the image data perception of the appearance of a particular human being

Optical Character Recognition using CNN

Optical Character Recognition was used for written and print symbol processing. Here the image is scanned for elements that resemble written characters. After that, each character is broken down into critical credentials like a particular shape of letters “B” or “N”. The next step is to match the image with the respective character encoding. Later these recognized characters are grouped into the text according to the visual layout of an input image.  The eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, uses OCR to create more impact. Optical Character Recognition of handwriting is mainly used by Legal organizations such as banking and insurance.

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