The promise of Indian creativity – Cannes 2022


India is already making an impact at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2022, with 921 entries. Some of these submissions have already received multiple accolades at international competitions such as the D&AD Awards 2022 and the Clio Awards. India’s creative effort is causing the rest of the globe to pay notice.  

There are some promising entrants this year. Some of them sell a product, while others advocate for a larger cause, and a select few even attempt to solve societal issues. Because afaqs! is in the business of watching and analyzing advertisements, we’ve selected a few promising campaigns that we believe will make us proud at Cannes this year. 

BBDO India – Share the load  

Although all of the Share the Load ads tend to hit a personal note, this version of the campaign is especially deserving of recognition. The ad expressly mentions the gaze. It’s a simple realization, but it’s a powerful one. A guy and a woman have distinct perspectives on the same things. This is especially true when it comes to domestic chores and a fair division of responsibilities. The ad urges men to radically rethink how they regard women, and the difference in gaze reflects that. 

The commercial begins with a dialogue between a husband and wife discussing how their neighbors – two male housemates – share the load and divide domestic responsibilities equally. 

In an earlier interview, Sharat Verma, chief marketing officer of Procter & Gamble India and vice president of fabric care at P&G, stated that the film aims to show a greater sense of conditioning and unconscious bias that individuals have. “When the husband goes to the neighbor’s house, we see the first bias.” When they are asked if they want tea or coffee, the husband chooses coffee. The third time it happens is when the tea spills on his shirt and he says, ‘We’ll take care of it,’ because he knows he won’t be the one to clean it — his wife will.” 

Previous iterations of Share The Load have all advocated for gender equality in their unique ways. Because of the inequitable arrangement of home tasks, women in the 2020’s version of the commercial were more sleep-deprived than males. In 2019, the advertisement advised mothers to teach their sons how to do home duties so that they will be better prepared to share the weight when they have to live on their own, and so on. 

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