‘The Sway’ the New Marketing Agency and Influencer Advertising Launched by the Infloouhnser


Shailendra Shetty, Rajneil R Kamath, and Karan Sahni are three enterprising entrepreneurs who set up Infloouhnser Pvt Ltd. They announced a cutting-edge trust-building and transparent multi-layered Influencer Advertising and Marketing Agency ‘The Sway’. The Sway excels in combining data and technology with creative planning and organic distribution while prioritizing integrity to give brands a compelling offer. Influencer marketing, Meme marketing, and Technology experience are the core focus of ‘The Sway’. Israel-based LDRS group is one of the global pioneers in the influencer marketing business which the company has tied up with.

The company can use the AI and ML Tech platform of LDRS which they have tied up with which enables the advertisers to discover Influencers and define the audience to make it more meaningful for a brand to collaborate. They can take out the fake followers and bots by using the software which the client use. It also helps in ensuring standardized metrics and pricing, selection, help real-time engagement metrics tracking, and matching of the influencer to deliver value over volumes. They reached over 300 million social media users by forming a partnership with MEMECHAT, thereby helping the brands to unlock the value of memes with distribution in the type of organic on social media. The sway has the advantage of creating the most optimal mix of creators and social media brands, having built an in-house data science team to slice and dice.

For a brand to obtain the highest quality customers, the influencer marketing method is confirmed to the fastest growing method. From the overall Rs 14000 crore of digital advertising revenue, brands are set up to spend 10 to 15% on influencer marketing by industry estimates. EdTech, FMCG, and Fintech have seen a 20 to 30% rise in the influencer marketing spends during the last six months and have a high chance it to grow even more. The Founder of The Sway commented that the authenticity of influencers and audience is crucial to any brand. The Founder of Memechat Kyle Fernandes commented that memes have come to the front line in the US and in also in India, after the US election and Mike Bloomberg’s candidature. To help mentor and advice the company in its long ambitious journey, the company has roped in Jyoti Bansal and Namrata Tata.   


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