This season, grape exports are down 18 per cent due to harvest delays


Growers had postponed pruning due to unseasonal rains, which resulted in a decline in export.

Grape exports from India have borne nearly eighteen this season. Exporters have shipped grapes amounting to 74,944.261 tonnes to European countries throughout the present grape season 2020-21 (December-April) thus far, registering a drop of nearly eighteen. Maharashtra had exported 92,342.403 tonnes throughout the corresponding amount last year.

According to Vilas Shinde, chairman of Sahayadri Farmers Producer Company, a major collective of 1,500 farmers in Nashik reported that the harvest had been delayed by 15-20 days due to vineyard pruning delays. Growers usually complete about 25% of the pruning by September, with another 20% completed by October 15. Expecting unseasonal rain, growers postponed pruning this time.

This is often motility as a serious challenge to growers, exporters and even consumers in Europe due to the shortage of storage facilities,” Shinde said. Sahayadri Farms has exported around 750 tonnes of grapes to Europe to date. Shinde was assured that the country would exceed the previous season’s export figures.

The nationwide internment has not been a serious issue since most supermarkets in Europe square measure functioning ordinarily and, therefore, grape export is gaining momentum, he said. avatar Khapre, president of, All India Grape Exporters Association aforementioned that the season has been slow and exports ought to obtain momentum within the next few weeks. Of the 74,944.261 tonnes of grapes exported thus far this season, 49,889.120 tonnes are exported to European nations, 12,332.409 tonnes to the United Kingdom, and 6,868.187 tonnes to the Federal Republic of Germany. India had exported 193,690.54 tonnes of grapes in 2019-20 to varied countries as well as Europe.

Maharashtra is the high producer accounting for over  81.22% of total grapes production. alternative major grape-growing states embody Mysore, Telangana, province and Tamil Nadu. There has been a rise within the registration of vinery with the Agricultural and Processed Foods Development Authority (APEDA). 

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