Times Chronicles launches documentary on ‘1971 Birth of the Nation’


The well-known network media called Times Now s news article Times Chronicles is launching a special documentary on ‘1971 Birth of a Nation’ which was a great war in Indian history after Independence

The 1971 war between India and Pakistan was a crucial point in the world’s history, resulting in the formation of a new country called, Bangladesh. Celebrating the golden jubilee of this glorious victory of India against our rival nation Pakistan, Times Chronicles, the content studio from Times Network that makes originals, historical, and fascinating tales launching a series of documentaries that will reveal an extraordinary chronicle of a revolutionary battle led by India post-independence. 

Respecting the bravery and sacrifices of the brave soldiers who fought the 1971 war, the well-researched seven-part authoritative document series is airing from this Saturday, November 27, 2021, on Times NOW & Times NOW World at 6 in the evening and Mirror Now at 7:30.

The 13-day military war is the shortest in history, which ended with a significant win for India. Narrating the interesting story of India’s strategic diplomacy and military capabilities, the documentary explores the reason behind the genocide in East Pakistan and the political history behind the birth of a new country Bangladesh. 

The series brings a thorough account of the political struggles India faced overthrow Pakistan, which caused friction between east & west Pakistan, how the political diplomacy of Indira Gandhi proved innovative in the war period, the role of MI, IB & RAW in the 1971 war, operation searchlight & Dhaka University massacre, and importance of India’s involvement in the matters of east & west Pakistan. 

Offering a small sight into the mind-sets and emotions of that time, the series will feature first-person accounts and stories of senior officers from the Indian Army, Navy, and Airforce by bringing government officials, historians, journalists, and victims of the 1971 war together. Bangladesh – Mukti Joddhas, who was in the thick of the action at the time.

Includes several army delegates from both India and Bangladesh who played a vital role in the war period in 1971, several army doctors are also featured in this documentary by explaining the scenarios they had faced in 1971.

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