Truecaller, ‘20 Crore Bhartiyon ka Bharosa’


Truecaller, that one app that is almost always present on every smartphone that a person owns. It has become a part of the phone dialing process these days. When you call an unknown number, right before doing so, you check the number on Truecaller. 

There is no denying that since 2009, truecaller has been our trusted app in any situation. The recent campaign by Truecaller emphasizes the same. That whatever situation that may come by Truecaller has always got our back.

The ad shows us how we as humans build, work and function mostly on the basis of compassion and trust in our relationships. The relationship can be between family members, or that of friends, colleagues, or more. But trust is essential.

We lack trust with strangers, hence we hesitate to build a relationship with a stranger, Truecaller understands this and helps us trust the app when we face a situation where we have to converse with a stranger.

Strangers can be dangerous, they can be frauds, spams, stalkers, etc. But strangers can be nice too. Obviously, a phone number cannot differentiate this difference. Yet truecaller can. Truecaller helps us filter the bad in the world of phones. The app helps us identify spammers, frauds, or sometimes people in the identity of someone else.

The ad helps us remember someone we have forgotten by searching the number from which we received a missed call. True caller helps us review or comment on a number helping us also contribute to enlightening the community against certain numbers. 

The app helps us do so much more but all in all, they ensure safety for us and the entire Truecaller community. 

Harita Rao, the creative director, Mind Fluid, said, “There are many Indias in India – full of stories, full of insights. And Truecaller as a brand has been built around these stories and insights. And that is what Desh ka Truecaller is all about – little anecdotes from life. Our hearts swell with warmth and there was a constant smile on our faces while creating Desh ka Truecaller.”

Truecaller has always got our backs, and it is a promise for life.

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