Types Of Artificial Intelligence(AI)


It’s important to think about the various types of Artificial Intelligence in order to forecast how they’ll develop in the future. Artificial intelligence is already having a significant effect on our lives, so staying ahead of the curve is important. Models of artificial intelligence are a way to imagine what the future of AI will look like when AI takes on more human-like aspects of perception. It’s important to think about the various types of AI in order to forecast how they’ll grow in the future. Continue reading to learn more about artificial intelligence’s different forms.

There are mostly three different types of AI. They are as follows:-

Weak AI

Weak AI is the most popular form of AI today. From mobile applications to the Internet to big data analytics, weak AI is sweeping the globe.

The name derives from the fact that these artificial intelligence systems were created with a single task in mind. Because of their restricted approach and inability to perform tasks other than those assigned to them, they are also known as ‘Narrow AI.’ This concentrates their intelligence on a single task or set of tasks, allowing for more fine-tuning and optimization.

Strong AI

Artificial general intelligence (AGI), also known as powerful AI or deep AI, is the concept of a computer that can learn and apply its intelligence to solve any problem. AGI can think, comprehend, and act in ways that are distinct from those of humans in any given situation. Strong AI uses a philosophy of mind AI system, which is defined as the ability to perceive the desires, feelings, values, and thought processes of other intelligent entities. Despite this, Strong AI, which is still in its infancy, holds a lot of promise thanks to recent advances in nanotechnology. Strong AI is being considered as a possible application for artificial neural network development that can act like a human being.

Super AI

We’ve achieved Artificial Super Intelligence when AI becomes much smarter than the best human brains in virtually every area, including scientific imagination, general knowledge, and social skills. In all fields, including innovation, general intelligence, and problem-solving, Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) will outperform human intelligence. Machines will be able to demonstrate knowledge that was previously only available to the very best of us. This is the kind of artificial intelligence that many people are concerned about.


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