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The world put under the impact of the unprecedented Pandemic saw major economies reeling. Ensuring commitment to social responsibility, India has taken proactive efforts and displayed extraordinary preparedness to support its citizens in these difficult times, and the citizens have shown a good amount of resilience over the unfortunate situation. 

Empathy was shown by numerous citizens who came out during the crisis and gave a helping hand towards humanitarian work. These unsung heroes have been putting their best foot forward to alleviate the suffering endured by the people. As an ode to these selfless acts National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) salutes all those who took the responsibility to stand by the needy during the distressing period.

The campaign #ZimmedarRahoUPIKaro drew inspiration from these acts of heroism and kindness to extend their existing ecosystems of campaigns. Zimmedari is the Hindi word for being responsible is the message of NPCI under the UPI Chalega campaign. 

The campaign is in the form of digital films that highlights how UPI helps the citizens effectively manage their responsibilities towards society, family and themselves, seamlessly. The ads show the easiness and interoperability of the UPI to send and receive payment from any app to any other app or account without any physical contact whatsoever. 

One of the films shows a responsible donation for the Covid-19 relief fund through UPI. There are more films on the theme of Zimmedari, which are heartening and inspiring at the same time. They all reflect the meaningful ways in which people have been responsible for the fight against the spread of Covid-19.

Digital payments may be a responsible way, but it is critical to follow the usage of UPI with safety. Four safety tips that are to be followed while using UPI come under UPI Safety Shield tips. 

  • UPI ID of the person to whom the money needs to be transferred should be verified.
  • UPI PIN should always be kept confidential and should never be disclosed to anyone.
  • Check the debited amount from your bank either through SMS notifications or net banking.
  • Check the UPI app for any issues through the ‘UPI Help’ section.

Switching to digital payments during the Pandemic hit period came as a blessing in disguise which enhanced the digital mode of payment which is faster than the cashed transactions. The money that comes and goes can be easily accounted for and lets you contactless transfers and social distance easily.

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