Using Microsoft’s AI firsthand How effective is Bing at searching? 

Using Microsoft's AI firsthand How effective is Bing at searching?
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The same ability applies to a news article that is jam-packed with information. By asking for a summary, the new Bing can divide the content into several key points. It is also simple to get additional information from Bing because the answers frequently suggest follow-up questions like “how can I make a reservation for the restaurant?” or “how much does the laptop cost?” 

The solutions that Bing’s AI-powered search engine can produce essentially eliminate the middleman: you no longer need to scroll through search results to find one that meets your needs. The new Bing has been created to be intelligent enough to analyze the data on your behalf. Finding a good Indian restaurant nearby, the best laptop under $500, or deciding whether to buy Tesla stock are all examples of this. 

With a list of web links at the bottom of each answer, the new Bing will attempt to provide you with suggestions while citing various sources. In contrast to OpenAI’s current implementation of ChatGPT, which doesn’t cite sources in its responses, you get more transparency on how the AI program determines the answer. 

But the new Bing, powered by AI, can do more than just search. Microsoft referred to the technology as your “co-pilot” for daily tasks. This holds for writing. The currently available free-to-use ChatGPT has already demonstrated its ability to write essays, blog posts, and even computer code from a single sentence of instruction. The Microsoft version can accomplish the same thing. 

The business has a Bing icon that can open a side window on the Edge browser. Next, you enter a prompt that specifies the length, structure, and tone of the blog post, email, or paragraph you want it to write. The program will quickly generate the required content, which can then be copied and pasted. 

Of course, accuracy is the key concern. When there isn’t a fact-checker or reputable source to review each answer, you’re essentially trusting the program to provide you with reliable content, although that Bing’s responses can cite sources at the bottom. 

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