Vedantu and Isobar’s ‘Project Stream School’ in Rural India


In India, 65% of children study in rural schools, and 95% of them struggle to achieve their dreams because they do not have access to the best teachers and quality education. While 60% of students in India do not have access to the internet, the digital divide continues to represent a significant portion of teaching and learning.

Vedantu, a pioneer in LIVE online learning, stepped up to remove these barriers and provide quality education to students in rural areas and partnered with Isobar India, the creative experience agency of Dentsu Creative India, to launch ‘Project Stream School’.

Stream School is a unique aggregator device that combines all weak signals in a given area into one powerful hyper spot. Students in remote areas can connect their devices to the Hyperspot and experience continuous learning offered by inspirational Vedantu teachers.

Currently, this initiative is working in Simsa, Himachal Pradesh – one of the most isolated towns in the state. Simsa has an 89% rural population, making it one of the largest in the country. In addition, the city has an extremely weak internet connection in all mobile networks in most locations. To solve this problem, Vedantu is solving this problem by giving these students access to its platform and quality teachers anytime, anywhere using the same weak internet that exists around them.

It is pertinent to note here that in just two weeks, Stream School has benefited more than 28 students in Simsa. The survey further shows that these students experienced a 32% increase in their overall understanding of the subjects after streaming approximately 767 hours of Vedanta content and teachers through Stream School.

As it is an interesting gateway to the curriculum, it has led to an increased affinity for study. In addition, school attendance in the region increased by 17%. The best part is that while the initiative is still ongoing in The Sims, visitors from nearby outlying towns have spread the word and requested children’s books in their towns as well. The team already has a list of 14 cities they want to deliver the books.

Heeru Dingra, Aalap Desai, and Pulkit Jain Commenting on this unique proposition, Pulkit Jain, Head of Product and Co-Founder of Vedantu said, “At Vedantu, we have always been obsessed and believe that every child must be allowed to unlock their true potential. With Project Stream School under our Help India Learn Initiative, we are confident that many more children can take a step towards learning with our inspiring teachers and interactive platform to achieve their dreams. Because when they get a quality education, they can reach for the stars with one book after another.”

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