Why use PYTHON Programming Language for Data Science


Before unfolding in Data science, there would be one question that strikes the mind of an aspiring data scientist ‘which is the most well-known language utilized by data scientists?’ Many programming languages are utilized by data scientists like R language, C++, and Python. But Python sets down a unique place among all.

Python is an object-oriented, adaptable, open-source, and easy to learn programming language. It has a rich arrangement of libraries and tools that makes the assignments simple to use for Data scientists.

Python Programming Language: An Overview

Python has been around since the late 1980s and has developed from solidarity to quality from that point forward. Nowadays, this significant level programming language is utilized for the development of software, web development, mobile application development, and in the examination and registering of numeric and scientific data.

You’ll be amazed to realize that major online platforms, for example,  Dropbox, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and Spotify, all were worked with Python programming language.

Features of Python

Significant highlights of Python are:

1. Python is a progressively typed language, so the variables are automatically defined.

2. Python is more readable and uses minor (lesser) code to run out a similar task when contrasted with other programming languages.

3. Python is specifically typed.  This way, developers need to cast types manually.

4. Python is an interpreted language. This implies the program need not have complied.

5. Python is convenient, flexible, and can run on any platform effectively. It is adaptable and can be integrated with other third-force software effectively.

Let us discuss the importance of Python in Data Science in elaborate:

1. Simple to Use:

Python is easy to use and has a quick learning curve. New data scientists can easily absorb Python with its simple to utilize syntax and better comprehensibility. Additionally, Python gives a lot of data mining tools that help in superior handling of the data. For example, Weka, Rapid Miner,  Orange, and so on.

2. Python is important for Deep Learning:

Python has a lot of packages like Keras, Tensorflow, and Theano that are stimulating data scientists with developing deep learning algorithms. Python gives better help concerning deep learning algorithms.

3. Python builds analytics tools:

Data analytics is a requisite part of data science. Data analytics tools provide information about various frameworks that are important to assess the performance of any business. Python programming language is the best pick for building data analytics tools.


Python in Data science has empowered data scientists to carry off more in less time. Python is an adaptable high–level programming language that can be effectively understood and is exceptionally amazing as well.

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